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I am Fong, a Malaysian who is currently residing in Versailles, a serene town in Southeastern Indiana. Prior to my move to Indiana, I was in the advertising industry for 15 years. Photography became my career of choice as it's one of my favorite creative outlets. The "WHY" for me is creating photographs that matter - mostly people and cultures...those are what make me happy. 

Another great passion is collecting experiences in life through activities I love, such as: traveling the world (20 countries and 23 states in USA), watching international art films, music, fostering meaningful relationships, enjoying food and trying out new recipes. Life is too short not to.

Having been exposed to the multiracial and multicultural society in Malaysia and during my travels, I think one of my strengths is the ability to respect the richness of other cultures. We are all citizens of the world and our differences should unite us all, and you will see diversity in my work. Deep down, we are all one and the same. 

I do not discriminate against anyone in my business as I have been the subject of discrimination many times and, I don't like the feeling at all. Hence, I am a strong believer of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  

Who is Anjali?

Anjali was a name given to me by an Indian pen pal in my teenage years and it’s an integral part of me. When I need to express myself creatively, I take on the persona of Anjali, my alter ego - the wry-witted, lighter and quirky side of the serious, analytical yet practical Fong. It means 'gift' or 'devoted offering' in Sanskrit.

My work

My photography session starts with me getting to know my clients and their photography vision. We need to be a good fit above everything else.  

My style is a creative, artistic blend of photojournalism and fine art. I believe in making beautiful and meaningful photographs that tell your story as it should be told; be it about your love story, your special day, your beautiful self or your cherished family. My work has been described as spontaneous, organic and real. I believe in photographing events as they happen, documenting the drama and the raw emotions. I try to work in the background as much as possible, but if needed, will softly nudge to get the required shots. Occasionally, I tell lame jokes too. Whatever it takes, and whatever I see fit to bring out the best in you.  


Serving Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville, and will travel too. 

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On the logo, you will see a Chinese seal of the word 樂 (lè) which brings about the meanings of 'happy', 'laugh' and 'cheerful". These are the emotions I want my photographs to evoke. 

One of my greatest joy in my photography career happened in 2011: Ethel Mathias, a 106-year-old lady, upon seeing my photograph of her, told me, "I’ve never thought of myself as beautiful until I saw this photo. I feel like I want to go up to her and shake her hands." I knew right then that I was on the right path.

Photo credit: Saavedra Photography

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